/Eurokracy 2019/

Some of you might already have heard about an event called Eurokracy. It is one of the biggest events in Canada that assembles European cars enthusiasts. People from all corners of Canada as well as United States come together for this 2 days event. Cool cars, amazing people, track sessions, drag, burnout contest, good times!

This was the first time that RoadDefined was present at an event with a merchandise booth. The experience was massive and we had a great time. It was so nice to have people interested in what we have to offer. We were amazed when people came to see us as they already know about RD, either because they follow us on social media or have heard from someone. We have received some great words of encouragement and got filled with positivity. It's hard to explain the amount of boost we got from this experience!

We did not have our steering wheels ready, but we had a couple of prototypes to show the vision. Apart from wheel protos we had our 2 t-shirt designs and a couple of stickers. To be honest no big sales were made, and it was expected, but we appreciate everyone who has supported and purchased our products. Our goal is to spread the word and get people to learn about RoadDefined. Hopefully next year we will be back with a selection of wheels and other products.

Saturday it was a rainy day. On the way back, almost arriving home, the M3 started behaving a little weird and would stutter, sometimes turning off completely. Sunday morning the old girl did the same and we did not risk driving it to the event again.  This meant we had no car for our booth, but by asking around some friends we quickly found our booth car. Jihad came to the rescue with his beautiful E30. (E36 was running like a champ on monday, suspecting some water got into the intake)

 - We installed the prototype wheel in his car and were ready for another great day at Eurokracy, this time it was a nice sunny day!  Jihad's instagram : @grey_m20b25






 This 2 day journey was even better by having our good friends from Le Cream Shop just by our side. They are always supporting us and helping us out, we do the same for them. Having someone by your side with the same mindset and ambitions helps a lot to keep on pushing and getting things done! Make sure to check them out for some amazing rare oldschool automotive apparel and other goodies. 



Instagram handles : Le Cream Shop - @lecreamshop / E36 - @pogoooooooo



Throwback to 2016:


RoaDefined did not exist at that point. I had just recently purchased my 1998 M3 and never been on track with it yet. Eurokracy was coinciding with Father's Day and since my dad loves cars as well i decided to bring him to the event and to do a couple laps on track. The fun ended quickly, about 10minutes into the session i see a red oil light on my dash appear, which means NO GOOD, low oil pressure. The famous E36 oil pump nut fell off. The day ended with my dad going to pick up his truck, renting a u-haul tow dolly and towing me back home. Yes i was not happy, but hey i learned quick that that's part of the game. That day i had no idea that in 3 years i would be back and this time representing my company with a merch booth! 


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