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A little about me
I am a car enthusiast since a very young age, probably since the moment my dad bought me my first little toy car. My dad loved cars as well and it for sure helped fueling my passion. Over time toys just got big and real. For the current day driving and racing is what i love to do the most, but also sketching, fixing and engaging with other enthusiasts




- Me with my mom back in Ukraine. I'm holding my favourite toy car, which was a Lexus Ls400. This car was great, aluminum body, doors/hood/trunk could be opened, the wheels turned by turning the steering wheel inside.It was impressive, but quite expensive for my parents at that time -






The beginning
I have been working as an industrial designer for 4+ years and i love the job but...
In the back of my head i always had these thoughts of starting my own company and doing my own thing with something car related. For quite some time I just couldn’t decide what it would be, a garage? a tuning shop? manufacturing? design firm? apparel? In the end of 2017, beginning of 2018,  i decided to stop wondering around and start doing. Little by little, after work and on weekends i started brainstorming on my "project" and what it could be. At that time i have just bought a MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel for my E36. Beautiful, great quality wheel, but it didn't feel like "me". I thought that it would be awesome if i could make a custom wheel with my own design. This was the moment where i decided that i will start by making steering wheels. And the journey began there




After getting that steering wheel idea inside my head i got to work. I began sketching and putting some ideas on paper and some time later i had decided on my first design. There are other good ideas that would hopefully become reality with time 






Finding a company name seemed like the next logical step to take. After several pages of brainstorming followed by research of already existing names and web domains, ROADDEFINED was born. Next step was to purchase the domains so that's what i did : .com and .ca


More blog posts are to come where i'm gonna be talking about the rest of the journey so stay tuned 

Check out my social media pages(instagram, facebook, twitter) : @roaddefined